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Twenty years ago, Eli Calero fell in love with Kevin Murphy, a jock whose mob boss father physically and emotionally abused him. Twenty years ago, Eli Calero got his heart broken, and he’s never gotten over it.

Now, after a career as an investigative reporter, Eli is a true crime author living in Pasadena. He has no interest in attending a reunion back in St. Louis, but he ends up going anyway—and since he’s in the area, Eli decides to settle an old score. He’s determined to gather enough evidence to take down Kevin's father.

But Eli doesn’t have all the facts, and there are a few things he didn’t count on: Kevin’s still in town. He still has feelings for Eli. And he’s about to get caught in the crossfire.


Per cinque anni, Zach Tyler, figlio di uno dei più ricchi produttori di software del mondo, è stato tenuto in ostaggio, torturato e violentato. Quando finalmente viene soccorso dalle profondità della giungla venezuelana, è fisicamente e psicologicamente distrutto; ma, lentamente, comincia a ricostruire la vita che avrebbe dovuto vivere, prima che un bacio innocente lo spedisse all’inferno.

David, il suo migliore amico, ha vissuto questi ultimi anni nel senso di colpa e nel dolore. Ogni relazione in cui si è imbarcato è andata in pezzi, a causa dei sentimenti che non riesce a smettere di provare per un ragazzo che credeva morto. Quando Zach viene riportato a casa, David è fuori di sé dalla gioia – e poi devastato, quando Zach lo taglia fuori dalla sua vita.

Due anni dopo, David ritorna a casa, e lui e Zach devono fare i conti con il vuoto che si è aperto fra di loro, con ciò che provano l’uno per l’altro, e con quello che il futuro ha in serbo per loro. Ma Zach nasconde dei segreti, e uno di essi potrebbe anche distruggere il loro fragile amore.



Enamorarse y Cuando la memoria falla

Cuando Scott Allan recibe una llamada telefónica comunicándole que su hermano ha resultado herido en el trabajo, marcha corriendo al lado de Brian para encontrarse con que sus heridas son leves. Allí conoce a Hank Ballam, un leñador al que le gusta el riesgo, y que es marginado por sus propios compañeros de trabajo.

Hank es una persona llena de contrastes: por un lado vive por la excitación que conlleva subir a los árboles y cortarlos, y por otro, le encanta la paz que se encuentra explorando las montañas que considera su casa. La atracción que Scott siente por Hank es inmediata y sorprendente, y es lo que siempre había soñado: saber qué se siente al amar a alguien sin el que no puedes vivir.

Scott necesita conocer los verdaderos sentimientos de Hank, saber si se trata de un estallido de pasión o simplemente de una tranquila amistad, algo que no coincidiría con las emociones de Scott. Pero puede que ya sea demasiado tarde… porque Scott, sencillamente, no puede evitar enamorarse perdidamente de Hank.


Tyler Morris did not have a happy childhood. He suffered abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father, then bounced around a series of foster homes. He became unable to express his emotions or deal with his past. Then, at fifteen, at a charity boxing camp hosted by heavyweight champ Jamie Lewis, Tyler found a purpose and an outlet for his anger.

Seven years later, Tyler arrives at the The Gold Arena, Jamie’s Los Angeles gym. He’s desperate to train under the man who helped him turn his life around. With some difficulty, Tyler convinces Jamie to take him on, but their working relationship is complicated by a mutual attraction they both attempt to deny.

Jamie fears their relationship will ruin Tyler's chance at a career in pro boxing. Tyler’s scars run deep, and he knows he could be hurt if he opens up. But how can he expect to win in the ring if he won’t let Jamie win his heart?


From college and AA meetings to his job working in a coffee shop, ex-con Gavin Chandler has a lot going on in his life. All he wants is to leave his past far behind him, especially the father who forced him to run drugs and sell his body. Romance doesn’t even register on his radar.

Then Braxton Irving, a self-employed security guard, shows up at the coffee shop, and Gavin finds he can’t deny his interest. After some serious soul searching, he finally asks Braxton out, and the two embark on a whirlwind affair.

But Braxton hasn’t been completely honest with Gavin about his motivation for coming to the coffee shop that day. Braxton’s feelings for Gavin are real, but so is his commitment to his work. Can their relationship survive once Gavin learns it was founded on a lie?


For six years, Rex Payton has focused on two things: keeping his late father’s small-town Kentucky bar afloat and raising his nephew, Tyler. After the tragic loss of his parents and sister, Rex has no interest in romance. He’s respected in his community and regarded as one of Carlisle’s most eligible bachelors, but he’s accepted that his life isn’t conducive to a romantic relationship, especially as a closeted gay man.

Enter Josh Billings, a veterinary student who’s serving an internship in town. Josh’s deepest passion is helping animals. Romance is the furthest thing from his mind… until the night he meets taciturn, handsome Rex Payton. Chance and an after-hours dance conspire to forge an intimate connection neither man looked for—one neither man can ignore after the dance leads to a kiss.

Suddenly romance isn’t so insignificant, but it’s also not without complications. For this relationship to work, Josh has to decide if he can cope with dating a single dad, Rex has to open his heart, and Ty has to learn to share his dad’s affection.


Talker (Italiano)

Talker (Italiano) | Libro 1
$3.99 $2.79

Serie Talker, Libro 1

Tate "Talker" Walker, il Chiacchierone, ha passato la sua vita cercando di nascondere le sue cicatrici dietro ad una luminosa facciata punk. E finché non si è seduto di fianco a Brian Cooper su un autobus, la cosa aveva funzionato. Ma Brian ha passato la sua intera vita ad essere l'uomo invisibile ed è abituato a guardare oltre le apparenze. Quello che vede in Talker è un essere umano fragile e degno di essere amato.

Brian è apparentemente etero, ma Talker ha un disperato bisogno di essere amato e quando il suo comportamento porta a delle conseguenze dolorose, Brian è costretto a rivelarsi in modo drammatico. Ma lui farebbe qualsiasi cosa per far sì che Talker veda che è il Principe Azzurro che lui ha sempre desiderato.


$3.99 $2.79


2012 Award Winners
Opposites Attract

An Opposites Attract novel

Fresh from backwoods Minnesota, actuarial student Ben Dutoit is ecstatic to land a job with Sydney Sutherland Family Insurance, one of the few companies that offers life insurance to people in the high-risk category. The fact that he gets to work in Gay Central, aka San Francisco, is just the icing on the rainbow-colored cake. Ben sets himself just three goals: be out and proud enough to participate in the Pride parade; seek out the company of like-minded souls in the clubs; and maybe, if he’s lucky, fall in love.

But the men Ben meets are everything he’s not: suave, confident, sophisticated, and sexy. Unlike redneck Ben, they’re blue bloods from blue states, born with status, wealth, and the responsibility that comes with the package.

Ben’s still wondering if red and blue can mix when he discovers what risk really means. The global economy tanks. The job he looked forward to is in jeopardy, and every dream Ben ever had is threatened, especially love, the biggest dream of all.



True Colors | Book Four

Sequel to Payback
True Colors: Book Four

Miles Winter and Zeke Roswell have excited and enthralled each other since the day they met. Zeke’s uninhibited lovemaking has allowed Miles to grow in confidence and their relationship to deepen. Back from a business trip, Miles knows he should take care of his backlog of work, but the delight of being reunited with Zeke makes him realize he has other, more important needs—including the one sexual step he hasn’t yet taken. Business can wait in favor of a commitment far more primal and more permanent.


When a Category 4 hurricane hits the Texas Gulf Coast and critically damages a nuclear reactor, the NRC brings in robotics engineer Derek Marshall and professor Sambit Patel to avert a disaster. Unfortunately, putting the men in the same room could be nearly as dangerous as the reactor: Derek’s out and proud, gruff, and occasionally obnoxious; Sambit is closeted, quiet, and reserved. Faced with isolation, ungodly living conditions, and the very real possibility of acute radiation sickness, they race against time to stabilize the reactor. But the attraction growing between them may be beyond their control.

On the surface, Derek and Sambit have nothing in common. They live in separate cities, come from disparate cultures, and have trouble just getting along, never mind navigating a relationship. All they have to hold them together is a few isolated weeks of trying to save the world, or at least the environment. Sambit is convinced the end of the assignment will be the end for them as well—and despite their many differences, he’s beginning to wonder how he’ll survive the fallout once Derek leaves him behind.


At 19, Ashley seemed to have everything: looks, talent, and even a girlfriend. What more could a young man want? But soon he has to come to terms with his sexuality and the possible implications for his career in the public eye as a male model. He begins dating Chris, but isn't sure he's head over heels in love. It's not the knight-in-shining-armor feeling he thought it would be. Then Ashley gets the chance to leave his hometown in Canada to visit sunny California for a big modeling job. There he meets a kind slightly older man who takes his breath away. But is Ashley ready for real love or it is just infatuation? Will he go back to his comfortable life with Chris or explore this new-found attraction? "Boy Midflight" is an intimate portrait of young love; a time when life seems simultaneously limitless and daunting. This is a sinfully delicious story, like stealing your best friend's journal and slowly unraveling a secret life you never imagined.


Based on the film of the same name, Mulligans is a novel about a poignant family drama with a twist. Tyler, a straight college jock, brings his best friend Chase home to stay with his family for summer vacation. The Davidson family welcomes Chase with open arms, but as the summer progresses, so does an unexpected attraction. Stacey, Tyler's Mom, tries to hold on to her family while Tyler's Dad Nathan struggles with his long-suppressed sexuality.


Paying the Piper

Bittersweet Dreams

Michael isn’t used to casino blackjack dealers telling him to cash in, but that’s what Daniel Aldaine does, recognizing the group of men waiting to collect what Michael owes them. He even fronts Michael the money he’s short to get the goons off his back. It’s the beginning of the best relationship Michael’s ever known, but a problem he doesn’t even recognize he has could end it all.

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It's an unfortunate truth: love doesn't always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.


Srikkanth Bhattacharya è la quintessenza dello scapolo gay ed è perfettamente felice così com’è, finché non riceve una telefonata dall’ospedale locale che gli comunica che la sua migliore amica è morta durante il parto. Sri aveva accettato di fornire il suo sperma per far avverare il sogno di Jill di diventare madre, ma non aveva previsto di dover prendere decisioni per una bambina. La sua intenzione è di darla in adozione ma, non appena la vede, Sri non riesce a farlo, e così si ritrova a faticare per imparare come gestire una neonata.

Il suo coinquilino e amico, Jaime Frias, si offre di aiutarlo, senza immaginare che così facendo s’innamorerà della bambina e di Sri. Tutto sembra perfetto fino a quando una visita da parte dei servizi sociali manda Sri in tilt e lo spinge a sentirsi in dovere di scegliere tra sua figlia e la relazione con l’uomo del quale si sta innamorando.


The Thunder in His Head

Everything We Shut Our Eyes To & The Thunder in His Head

A Harmony Ink Press Title

Sequel to Everything We Shut Our Eyes To

Kyle Manning is a tall, strong, openly gay sixteen-year-old who makes decent grades and plays on his school's basketball team. He’s a good kid who cares deeply about his family and friends. But his life has become a mess. His mom, Lela, has finally had enough of her husband Joe’s serial cheating. Kyle’s parents are headed for divorce, and the collapse of their marriage torments him.

Divorcing parents is bad enough, but Kyle also has to deal with new people in his parents’ lives. He likes Stephanie, his father's girlfriend, but he finds himself increasingly attracted to his mother's handsome boyfriend, Reece. As Kyle struggles with his fear and frustration, he grows angrier and more erratic.

Then he meets Dwight Varley, a buff, attractive athlete from another school who takes an instant liking to him. Having Dwight around doesn’t solve all Kyle’s problems, but it does make life more bearable. As their relationship develops, Dwight becomes a bright oasis in Kyle's harried life. But Dwight's life is more complicated than Kyle ever imagined, and just when things start to get better, Kyle discovers the truth about Dwight—and about his father.


The midforties are that time in a gay man’s life when his major paradigm shifts from sexy to sensible. But when Barry Grooms's partner of twenty years is killed on Barry's forty-fifth birthday, his world doesn’t so much evolve as it does explode.

After navigating through the surreal conveyor belt of friends and family, he can't eat another casserole or swallow much more advice, and so, still numb, he escapes to Key West, then New York. He embraces a new mantra: Why the hell not? He becomes so spontaneous he's ready to combust. First, he gets a thankless new job working for a crazy lady in a poncho, then has too many drinks with a narcissistic Broadway actor. Next, it's a nude exercise class that redefines flop sweat, and from there he’s on to a relationship with a man twenty years his junior, so youthfully oblivious he thinks Karen Carpenter is a lesbian woodworker.

Yet no matter how great the retreat from the man he used to be, life's gravity spins Barry back to the town where he grew up for one more ironic twist that teaches him how to say good-bye with grace.


The Talker Collection

Talker Series
$14.99 $10.49

One day, Tate "Talker" Walker sits next to Brian Cooper on a track meet bus—and sees him like nobody else on the planet has ever seen him before.  One day, Brian Cooper looks at Talker's bright punk facade and listens past his constant chatter—and knows him like nobody else on the planet will ever know him again. One day, two boys meet, and even though they fall in love, it’s still a long and bumpy ride.

Tate needs to learn to listen, Brian needs to learn to speak up, and the event that teaches them both exactly what they need from each other almost destroys Tate and leaves Brian no recourse but violence. For their love to survive, Tate and Brian have to overcome the pain of violation and the repercussions of revenge. Even more difficult, they have to hold each other steady while one finds his peace and the other his voice, because a dream boy isn't really a dream boy if he doesn't know his own worth.

Talker (September 2010), Talker's Redemption (January 2011), and Talker's Graduation (October 2011) were previously published individually in eBook format by Dreamspinner Press.

Purchase includes access to download the ebook editions of the novellas featured in this anthology.


$14.99 $10.49

Quando David Carmichael, dopo essere stato colpito da un'emicrania, si rompe una spalla, al suo migliore amico Trace Jackson viene naturale trasferirsi da lui per assisterlo. Il loro rapporto cameratesco comincia a correre rischi quando David scopre in esso un sottofondo di calore e tensione. Pur sapendo che il suo migliore amico è eterosessuale, David si sta innamorando di lui alla svelta.

Trace non ha mai desiderato un altro uomo. È un donnaiolo con una certa reputazione, considerato una preda ambita in città. Ma l’amicizia salda e preziosa con David viene intensificata dalle emozioni e dell'eccitazione, e la tentazione data dall’avere David così vicino è irresistibile. Presto Trace rende noto a David di voler capire se la cosa può funzionare tra loro. Perché Trace è certo che non vorrà più nessun altro – ama già David.