By F. E. Feeley Jr, Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding, B.G. Thomas

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  • Release Date
  • Type Anthologies
  • Words 93,973
  • Pages 306
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63477-734-6
  • File Formats epub, mobi, pdf

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Gothika: Volume Five

Since ancient times, humankind has looked into the night sky and wondered: Are we alone? Are there other civilizations beyond the stars? Will we ever encounter these beings? Who are they, what are they like, and what might they want with us? 

These questions are about to be answered, but those who discover the truth might wish they had never asked. On the other hand, some might find salvation in visitors from other planets. For while some aliens are hostile, others are benevolent. Some have little in common with humans, but for others, the need for love and acceptance is universal. Lives will intersect and otherworldly passions will ignite as four acclaimed authors of gay romance explore first contact—and where it can lead.

Cover Artist: AngstyG


Genres Gay / Historical Romance / Science Fiction / Sci-Fi Romance