By Blood

By Sasha Kay Riley

By Blood
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novellas
  • Words 55623
  • Pages 172
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63216-292-2
  • SKU 5727
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Anderson Stables: Book Two

When Vincent Anderson returns from eight months in Florida helping his dad train racehorses, he expects a peaceful homecoming. But the initial happiness over the reunion with his boyfriend Dustin doesn't last long. Chris, a disgruntled stable hand, causes a riding accident that sends Dustin to the hospital—then Chris disappears.

The fear of Chris's return hovers over the stable like a dark cloud while Vince and Dustin build their relationship and Vince works with his own horse, Xander, to begin trying for the United States Olympic equestrian team. The competition becomes the last of Vince's concerns when Chris shows up at the barn brandishing a gun and demanding money. Vince faces his former employee alone, and what happens next changes everything.

Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska


Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay