Breaking News

By Michael Murphy

Breaking News
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  • Type Novellas
  • Pages 178
  • ISBN-13 978-1-62380-262-2
  • SKU 3473
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Coleman Young sacrificed his personal life to achieve his professional goal: chief White House correspondent for his network. While others his age have spouses, children, and personal lives, Cole has only his faithful dog, Riley, and his lonely closet, so his producer hires a matchmaker to help him find Mr. Right.

Forced to do something radical—leave work at a reasonable hour to prepare for his first date—Cole is shocked to walk into his house and find someone there: Marco, the grad student who walks and feeds Riley. It's too bad the matchmaker hadn't set him up with sweet, caring, adorably cute Marco—it would have saved him from a string of disastrous dates. But Cole doesn't know if Marco is gay, and he's not sure how to ask.

Then the biggest news story of the political year breaks and Cole gets a unique opportunity to make a stand—one that could break his career and maybe do his asking for him.

Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas

Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay