Being Roy

By Julie Aitcheson

Being Roy
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novels
  • Words 71402
  • Pages 190
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63533-712-9

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If you ask Roy Watkins who she is, she’ll look you in the eye and say “an artist.” If you asked her whether she identifies as straight or gay, male or female, proud-of-it trailer trash or hick town refugee, she’ll tell you to mind your own damn business. As this unique coming of age story unfolds, Roy finds her greatest challenge in defining herself before the world does it for her—and she’s in no hurry to force herself into a slot. 

Growing up Roy in a West Virginia trailer park in the early nineties is one thing, but when she gives up her childhood love for a scholarship to snooty Winchester Academy in the hunt country of Virginia, the state line isn’t the only boundary she’ll have to cross to find out what she’s really made of. 

In the company of Reenie (Roy’s New Age trucker mom), her immigrant sweetheart Oscar, and the privileged Winchester girls determined to befriend her whether she likes it or not, Roy encounters one intersection after another where she must face the complex nature of her identity, and how it will shape her future.

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Genres Bisexual / Contemporary Romance / New Adult / Queer Spectrum / Teen Fiction