By Dem Had

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  • Release Date
  • Type Novellas
  • Words 26,620
  • Pages 85
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64405-226-6
  • File Formats epub, mobi, pdf
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They were raised to hate each other, but love has other plans. 

When introverted bookworm Orestis escapes his homophobic parents and abusive home for a night out with friends, he meets artist Emir, and the passion between them is instant and explosive. But Orestis is a Greek Cypriot and Emir is Turkish, and neither society nor their families will accept their love. If they want a romance that lasts beyond one fiery, forbidden night, they’ll have to face the backlash.


World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht


Genre Contemporary