2015 Advent Calendar Full Set - Sleigh Ride

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The course of true love can be a bumpy, up-and-down, and sideways ride, but the end-of-the-year holidays are perfect for happy endings! Whether they’re finding a new romance or rekindling an old one, the men in these stories get some help from the magic of the season. Some of them might need a miracle to muddle through the conflicts and confusion that arise, but luckily for them, ‘tis the season. From naughty fun, to heartfelt and heart-wrenching reunions, to out-of-this-world adventures, these guys are in for quite a ride.

See excerpt for story list.

Holiday reading fun! Sleigh Ride is a package of 31 stories that bought individually would sell for a total of $83.69

Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Advent Calendar

Genres Angels and Demons / Contemporary / Fairy Tales / High Fantasy / Holiday / Mystery/Suspense / Mythology / Other Paranormal / Science Fiction / Urban Fantasy