V.B. Kildaire

A Canadian prairie-girl who still hasn't got a clue how to be a grown-up, even 40+ years of existence. And who, in spite of many attempts by others, knows nothing about moderation and isn't happy unless she's obsessed with something. Born, raised, and still living in a tiny town in Manitoba, Canada, nearly all the long-distance traveling she's done has been through books or her own mind since an early age. Happily, this has allowed her to travel through time as well as space. As soon as she learned to write, she began writing about the myriad of characters she encountered on her journeys. It was once she reached her mid-20s that she realized that many of the men in her imaginings were best-suited to love other men, and as she found them the most interesting of the lot, she began to write about them almost exclusively. She loves animals and since the age of 14 has continuously catered to at least one spoiled cat. She also finds it oddly enjoyable to write her bio in the third person.