T.S. Morgan

T.S. Morgan admits to being hopelessly addicted to animals, books and chocolate. She has an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology and is currently known as the crazy lady with all those cats. She has worked at horse farms, veterinary clinics, boarding kennels and did Jack Russell Terrier dog rescue for several years. T.S. grew up primarily in Vermont and Florida, but has lived in several states including New York, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. She currently lives on seventy-five acres in the middle of the boondocks in West Virginia where the closest town has a population of 199 people. She had driven across the USA several times and traveled to Europe once as a teenager. One day she’d love to go back to the United Kingdom and to visit Australia for the first time, despite getting horribly motion sick on airplanes. She’s been reading since she was three years old and has written stories since she was seven years old. Her favorite stories have always had romance in them and at sixteen she discovered she preferred gay romance over everything else. A voracious reader, she speed reads one to ten books a day. She likes all genres of gay romance but prefers happy endings. Despite being middle aged, she still loves anime, cartoons, and manga. Her motto is “I may be getting older but I refuse to get old!”