Tia Fielding

Author, a single parent to a bunch fur-babies. Caffeine addict. Genderqueer, pansexual. A roleplayer, computer geek, and a gamer. Addicted to reading and writing, lover of nature and all the other little things that make life worth living. As thirty-something queer Scandinavian, I've had it easier than many in my global GLBTQ family. I, much like my characters, am still looking for that one forever kind of love, but I hold on to hope that eventually I don't just have to write about feeling that kind of thing. I learned to read and write early, before I went to school. I was so utterly bored when the other kid in my class (yes, the school was a village one and very, very small...) didn't know how to. Luckily I had a teacher who let me read when the boy learned how to do the things I already could. I wrote stories early, too. Mostly about horses, but later also about romance or what I thought made up "romance." I distinctly remember never, ever finishing stories. I can't remember typing The End before I started to write fan fiction around 2009. These days I struggle with depression and the beast my ADD can be, and try to write when the muses are the loudest. Eventually, I hope, I can write for a living in the way most of us authors want to.