Terry Rissen

Terry is a new pen name for an author who can't settle in any one genre. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance, Erotica--Terry's written it all. There's nothing she likes better than to dive into something she's never tried before. Terry is fascinated by closed doors, dark alleys and roads that vanish into the mist. They all hide secrets and Terry loves to ferret secrets out. For Terry, writing is all about finding out what happens next. When she writes, she rarely knows what's going to happen next until it appears on her computer monitor. She likes to immerse herself in her worlds and live the stories alongside her characters. She laughs with them and cries for them when they can't. Sometimes she chortles with glee at whatever she's putting them through. All authors have a touch of the sadist in them and their readers generally thank them for it. Her first story with Dreamspinner will be out in June (science fiction/paranormal m/m). She hopes it will be the first of many. She's got a m/m fantasy/steampunk novella ready to edit and several more buzzing around in her head that would look lovely on the Dreamspinner shelves. She just hopes they agree. When she's not being a ball of emotional mush over fictional people, or gleefully torturing said fictional people, Terry loves to cook and read original historical sources all while trying to stay a step ahead of the resident felines. So far the felines are winning by a mile.