Teegan Loy

I am writer. I write stories. Some of the stories are about guys who fall in love with other guys. Some feature girls who fall in love with boys or boys who fall in love with girls. Some have fantasy elements. I write stories about people. I’ve never been a boy, but then again, I’ve never been a vampire either. I create my characters based on my experiences and the way I look at the world. Teegan Loy(that's me) began writing a long time ago. Notebooks filled with ideas were stacked around the house. One day, she sat down with renewed ambition and something fantastic happened: she completed a story.(unbelievable, but true) Now most of her time is spent writing, but she takes an occasional break to go to the movies, where she imagines her stories on the big screen. She also enjoys watching hockey(love, love hockey), filling her iPod with music, and driving her daughter around town(amended...around the country) to various activities.