Sophia Deri-Bowen

Hi! Thanks for being at least mildly curious about me and my writing. The basics: I write gay romantic fiction. Usually you can wedge an ‘erotic’ in there too, and have it be accurate. If you’re here, you probably know that, though. I’m also a student, avid explorer of the world around me, sometime-sailor, and generally on a mission to make sure that neither I nor my life are ever, ever dull. Sophia Deri-Bowen is a proud native Philadelphian who packed up her life and moved to Wales not too very long ago. She's still not quite sure how she managed it, but she now lives and studies in a beloved new country. Time not spent digging out from under a pile of research goes to rugby union (both playing and watching), knitting, and rambling as far and wide as possible. She is perhaps slightly too obsessed with old boats, the Welsh language, and finding a place that has a decent Belgian beer on tap.