Sarah Brady

I write paranormal romantic suspense together with my grown daughter Shannen. (I know, weird, right?) We write love stories, that's all. Not gay love stories, or straight stories or LGBTQ stories. We find characters we like roaming around the chaos of our brains and write the stories that will give them a Happily-Ever-After. It really is that simple. I live in Eastern Washington with my husband and son, while Shannen lives on the other side of the state. We're so happy to be part of the Dreamspinner family. We started writing m/m romance almost accidentally, when we fell head over heels in love with one of the secondary characters in our first het novel. We loved Aaron, Aaron loved men, thus the Gifts of Fate series was born. We love to hear from readers and other writers so feel free to visit us at, like us on FaceBook at SBradyBooks or follow us on Twitter @sbradybooks. If you want to chat or have questions about collaborative writing or upcoming books, feel free to contact me.