S. Blaise

Like most things in my life I have a feeling this will be a constant work in progress. S. Blaise has loved reading and creating stories for as long as she can remember, but first got into the “male romance” genre through fan fiction. She found slash and yaoi quite by accident (honest!) and began voraciously reading stories online in many fandoms, finally getting up the courage to have a go at writing some fan fics herself before shifting to original fiction. She has lived on both sides of the Atlantic and so can write about Caribbean summers as easily as Scottish winters, since she has experienced both. She loves sci-fi/fantasy, murder mysteries, comic books, anime, and yaoi manga, which she spends far too much money on while still having so much more to get. She’s a creature of nocturnal habits but really wishes story ideas would stop jumping around in her mind at three in the morning when she is finally trying to sleep.