Roe Horvat

Roe Horvat was born in former Czechoslovakia in a time when everybody wore the same red and blue sweats and free thinking was a risky business. They endured a miserable adolescence in the postcommunist wasteland, mostly observing from afar and dissecting the pointlessness of being. It might have made them sophisticated… or bitchy. Equipped with ample sense of sarcasm, they left the Czech Republic to explore Europe.

Roe lived in Germany and Spain for a while, reinventing their inner sweetheart. Finally, they settled in Sweden, where the weather is nasty but the landscape vast and freedom great. They work as a motion graphics artist and are the ultimate daiquiri junkie in their spare time. They grow their own strawberries and freeze them in small batches to survive the long and dark Scandinavian winter.

Roe started writing their first novel at the age of seven. The time travelers finished their machine, but the child got distracted after two chapters, leaving the unfortunate explorers stuck in the stone age. Luckily, Roe developed a stellar attention span since then and never left a soul behind again.

These days, Roe writes to gain control in the chaotic world, saving the lives of their fragile imaginary friends and sharing the love in all shades of the rainbow. Contemporary romance conveniently balances out Roe’s real-life pragmatism. One day, though, they might start time traveling again.