Rhett Heath

Rhett Heath lives in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southwestern Oregon. Once an award-winning actor, now an avid theatregoer, he’ll travel far and wide to see good theater. He is also an avid reader: he loves reading tales of Valdemar and stories of gay teens in Indiana.

Rhett works with children and adults who have learning difficulties—he has learned a technique that helps them learn easily. In addition to having been an English teacher—both in the States and abroad—he’s worked as a lifeguard, the super of an apartment complex, a forest firefighter, and as a scout for a modeling agency.

He enjoys a well-run rodeo, well-written TV show or movie, well-thought-out outfits on RPDR, a well-hidden fishing hole, and, well, watching a good football game.


He has no pets. He has no plants. He doesn’t enjoy exercise.