Michael St. Anthony

His love of conversation and games are muses that regularly draw him away from his writing, where instead of at a desk, he can be found in cafés, parks, or bars where he plays and converses with friends while spending far too much money playing Motown hits on any available juke box. Michael St. Anthony has lived all over the United States, where he has worked what feels to him like a million jobs. From factory work in Michigan to bartending and working as a secretary for tarot card readers in New Orleans, all before becoming a chocolatier in Seattle, and those are only the highlights. He currently lives in New York City with his incredibly forgiving partner. A student by day and an avid backgammon player by night, Michael’s life is built almost entirely around coffee, single malt scotch, red wine, and getting into long winded arguments for sport. His book shelves are bowed under the weight of far too many volumes of fiction, history, art history, social sciences, and linguistics, all of which are only upstaged by his collection of anachronistic gadgets, cameras that take real film, and the stack of photos he has taken with them.