Louise Blaydon

Louise writes m/m, f/f and the occasional bit of m/f romance and erotica, and has too many cats. An avid reader of everything from New Scientist to the back of the cereal box, Louise Blaydon has been writing, encouraged by her father, ever since she could hold a pen. Her writing, like her reading, has wandered erratically from genre to genre, but has settled firmly on gay romance, to the mild bemusement of Dad. Louise also writes sporadically for various journalistic publications and has been known to print the occasional poem. She owes much of her inspiration and support these days to an amazing network of friends, whose willingness to listen to her rail against life, the universe, and everything she could not live without. Louise's pursuits beyond writing are worryingly few, chief among them being Worrying About Not Having Pursuits Beyond Writing. However, this has long been the case, and after many abortive attempts to pad her leisure-time resume with everything from hiking to yoga, she has pretty much given up. She does enjoy singing, country walking, making deep-voiced sardonic remarks, and tasting the rain, but has a horror of organized activities. Louise has altogether too many academic qualifications and can only dream that her list of published works will one day be equally long.