Logan Meredith

I don't remember at what age I realized the voices in my head were actually characters trying to get my attention, but I do remember when I decided I preferred their company over actual people. Thus a writer was born. It never occurred to me that other people might like to spend some time with my beautiful men, but I'm honored every time they do. Logan Meredith began writing as a teen when beautiful men started keeping her company at night. Unfortunately, the voices she heard were imaginary, and their conversations resulted in horrible insomnia. They only let her sleep when she started typing their words down. Thankfully, being awkward as hell and a head taller than anyone else in the school afforded plenty of spare time for writing. At first, she tried to make them play with characters from her favorite television series or books. She found her lost tribe with a ravenous, crazy group of fanfiction lovers online and started sharing her stories publicly. Then something amazing happened, new characters arrived and started sharing their stories. Only, they wanted their own world to play in and they wanted to find their true loves. So between her day job and making time for her family, she tries to keep up with the demands from her beautiful men for their happily ever afters. A native of San Antonio, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas-San Antonio, Logan currently resides in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to writing, she spends her time reading and re-reading her favorite books, cheering for the San Antonio Spurs, playing Words with Friends, and procrastinating pretty much everything else. Logan is a proud member of the LGBTQA community and vocal advocate for mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and marriage equality campaigns. Logan welcomes the chance to interact with readers. You can find her on twitter @LL_Meredith or email her at loganmeredith2015@gmail.com.