Leandra Dohman

Leandra Dohman is a twentysomething busy bee. She never wants to stop writing. She can't stop writing. Leandra Dohman is a twentysomething busy bee. She wrote her first story when she was eight years old about a bunch of elves making blackberry jam in the forest. She loves to spend her days reading, writing,and getting distracted by random things on the Internet. She is a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan who never falls asleep without her socks on. She never misses a TV match of her favorite soccer team—go Gunners! What makes her happy are pictures of koala bears and little cute bunnies. Every now and then she likes to sit down in the middle of her room and stare at her bookshelves for about fifteen minutes while having a glass of cheap wine. Bus rides inspire her and make her want to write books about real people—how they fall in love, how they fall apart, and ultimately, how they survive.