Kristen Slater

Kristen's a happily single romantic who loves to see other people in love. She loves reading, writing, reading, cross-stitching, reading, knitting, reading, going to the cinema, reading, playing on the computer. Oh, and reading. (She's also completely owned by one very small black and white cat.) Kristen's always spent more time living in the world inside her head than in the one outside it. Since she discovered writing, that world's escaped from its confines and got mixed up with her real life. She's not entirely unhappy about that. Particularly since she gets to admit that she hears voices and listens to them without having to worry about the men in white coats coming to take her away. Whilst never having any inclination to romantic relationships for herself, she nevertheless gets all misty whenever she sees a wedding or someone announces an intention to commit their lives to each other. It was kind of inevitable that everything she writes turns into romance, no matter what it started out as. A proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society Kristen thinks there's nothing wrong with living with your head in the clouds.

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