Kate Pavelle

I sit in a quiet room and make things up. Sometimes, ghosts of the past imbue my stories with that special something, and then I smile, and hope that when you read them, you'll smile too. On occasion, I drag myself up on stage and tell those stories to a live audience. Kate Pavelle was born Kateřina Stoyová in Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. She learned to use a gas mask in first grade. She fired her first AK47 in her sixth grade civil defense class. Her first dog was a wolf hybrid stolen from the Czechoslovak border guard, and her eccentric father blew out the windows of their house with a stun grenade. On purpose. Unlike his chemical explosions —those were always by accident. Kate Pavelle’s high-stakes, high-adrenaline childhood leaves her searching for the next exciting thing. Martial arts and travel and rock climbing. Horses and cookies and toxic mushrooms. Medieval combat and children and brain-tanning deer hide in the driveway. Her quest resonates through her mystery thrillers and romances, matched only by her drive to share the fun with her readers. Kate once knew the hunger of being a political refugee and the terror of being pursued by government agents. She imbues her characters with her own struggle for survival, excellence, and world domination. Only the dead bodies are imaginary.

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