Kaje Harper

Kaje Harper’s first name may look exotic, but it’s pronounced just like “cage.” If she’s lost to the world reading a good book, you may have to say it a few times to get her attention. Her lifetime love affair with stories led to writing for fun at an early age, and after thirty-five years of solo scribbling, her husband convinced her it was time to try publishing. Since 2011 she has released over thirty M/M stories, including an Amazon best-selling contemporary romance and Rainbow Award novels in mystery, fantasy, and more.

Kaje loves telling stories of real, imperfect men finding love together amid all the challenges of life, but she’s also passionate about the value of Young Adult LGBTQ books for today’s teens. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her moderating the Goodreads YA LGBT Books group, trying to connect readers of all ages with books that speak to them.

You can also find Kaje on Facebook (www.facebook.com/KajeHarper) or her website (kajeharper.wordpress.com) where she may be recommending her favorite M/M books, sharing stories about LGBTQ rights and information, or perhaps showing off pictures of her absurdly sweet little white dog.

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