Jude Dunn

I’m a southern boy. Well, “boy” may be a stretch. I'm sixty-one this year, but I still feel like I’m twenty-two and act like I’m nine-and-a-half. Grew up in north Alabama, smack-dab in the middle of the Bible belt and finally came out to myself at forty-nine. I love writing gay romance because, after a long, long, time, I believe in love again and that we can all find it. Who doesn’t want to read about that? Jude Dunn writes gay romance and erotica that grabs your heart and takes it for a ride you won’t soon forget. Readers say things like “left me breathless” and “eye-popping” and “wowsers.” (Well, that last one’s from his cat, who’s generally amazed that Jude can write at all.) At the same time, there is a warmth to Jude’s writing that can touch your spirit with hope and gratitude that the world isn’t all bad, that sometimes people do good things and find love. Jude edits music and textbooks for a speciality publishing house by day, but his passion is telling tales that entertain and inspire his readers. He lives in Chicago and enjoys a number of pastimes from gourmet cooking and sampling a variety of wines to listening to jazz and performing his own music as a local pianist. His cat, who has yet to answer to any of the myriad names Jude has tried, keeps him company in between his always anticipated and passionate visits to Toronto to spend time with his husband of ten years and counting. Jude’s works are sometimes subtle, sometimes fiery, but always entertaining and satisfying reads. He’s proud to share his tales with his many readers. You can reach Jude here: Website: http://www.judedunn.com Twitter: @jude_dunn

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