Jessica Chase

Jessica Chase has been writing for what seems like her entire life, and finished her first short story at the age of five. It wasn’t very good. Since then, she’s improved a great deal, but writing has continued to be her passion. She loves reading and enjoys exploring the worlds of others as well as creating her own and has been involved in several writing groups. She writes all kinds of relationships and is always looking to write more, but M/M and F/F romance is something she is particularly fond of. She also enjoys fantasy and horror, and loves putting her own spin on the genres and creating interesting characters and worlds. Jessica studied at Oxford University and fell in love with the city and its weird quirks and traditions. She still reads anything she can get her hands on and spends her weekends wandering around various museums and old houses, walking through the countryside looking for inspiration, or sitting in the garden and playing with her pet tortoises. She is lucky enough to have the support of some wonderful friends. Jessica can be found at: Blog: Twitter: @JChaseStories