Jefferson Parrish

Jefferson Parrish came late to romance, in more ways than one. Life experiences have given him a largely comic view of life. For this reason, his prose doesn't feature villains. While his characters may hate each other with a passion, Jefferson smiles on their foibles benignly and loves them all equally. Eastern educated and Southern simmered, Jefferson is a homebody who loves to cook and garden with Kevin, his partner of twenty years. Dogs and books are his passions. He is currently the servant of a rescued terrier obsessed with rodents. He toils as a technical editor in San Francisco and is alum of Apple, Adobe, and Google. His hope is make the invention of farcical escapades a full-time job. His profile picture is a tad out of date. To imagine Jefferson as he is today, add a gray goatee, twenty years of wisdom to hooded eyes, but no wrinkles, of course.