J Tullos Hennig

Jen has maintained a few professions over a lifetime--artist, dancer, equestrian--but never successfully managed to not be a writer. Ever. With an inveterate fascination in other times and places, J Tullos Hennig has managed a few lifetime professions in this world--equestrian, dancer, teacher, artist--but has never successfully managed to not be a writer. Ever. Since living on an island in Washington State merely encourages--nay, guarantees--already rampant hermetic and artistic tendencies, particularly in winter, Jen is quite reconciled to never escaping this lifelong affliction. Comparisons have also been made to a bridge troll, one hopefully emulating the one under Fremont Bridge: moderately tolerant, but... You know. Bridge troll. Blessed with an understanding, longstanding Amazing Spouse, kids and grandkids, Jen is also alternately plagued and blessed with a small herd of equine freeloaders on retirement pensions, a teenage borzoi who alternates leaping over the sofa with snoozing on it... and, of course, a press gang of invisible 'friends' who Will. Not. Be. Silenced.