Henrietta Clarke

Author of M/M romance, primary school general dogsbody and self-confessed book addict. Current goal: get this darn book finished!! Henrietta Clarke is a quirky Yorkshire lass who had the misfortune to discover the path she was actually meant to take in life three days into an intensive postgraduate course. Now free from the hell of law study, she divides her time between working as a teaching assistant in a primary school, training as a fiction editor, and writing her own stories. When she’s not working, Henrietta can usually be found collapsed in front of a TV or laptop, inadvertently ruining her eyesight. (Refreshing eye mists are a godsend since she can’t stand eyedrops.) Every remaining second is spent reading or sleeping—sometimes simultaneously. A hopeless romantic who is as much in love with the English language as with all the delicious fictional men it creates, Henrietta suffers from abibliophobia and has a serious book-buying addiction as a consequence. The day there are no unread items on her Kindle will be the day the Earth stops turning. Her other addictions include bad TV and chilli in any form, and she collects everything from books and DVDs to china elephants, keyrings and photo frames—most of which stay empty far too long. She has a minor obsession with rainbows, and plots everything in purple Sharpie.