Ginger Streusel

Ginger Streusel isn’t actually a sweet dish with a kick, but she aspires to be one. Ginger’s love affair with writing began at ten years old, when she decided to embellish the worlds of the fantasy stories she loved, and fifteen years later the passion remains strong. She grew up in the suburbs of Georgia, but became a city girl in college. She studied English and history in college, where she spent most of her time reading, writing, and going to anime conventions. Now she tutors by day and writes by night, occasionally moonlighting as a bra wrangler. A resident of sweltering Atlanta, she does her best to stay cool in the peach state. Ginger lurks at bubble tea shops and cafes, where she gets her fuel for feverish nights of writing, doodling, and studying. When she leaves her lair, Ginger hangs out at karaoke bars and swing dancing halls. She also collects cute aprons and is committed to making the world a sweeter place through fashion, baking, and writing.