Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson grew up in a small town with big-world dreams. She has traveled as far as Ireland, England, and Scotland before settling State-side to pursue a suitable "big girl" job. In her spare time, she enjoys experiencing the finer things life—theater, Renaissance Faires, and fine dining—and of course, spending time with family and friends. In her spare spare time, she writes stories. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania both outside of Pittsburgh and in Erie. During college friends and I took many trips across the Canadian border on weekends, and I had the chance to study abroad in England. I've also traveled to Italy, Scotland, and Ireland on separate occasions. After college, I found myself teaching in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. I have been an amateur "theater rat" since being in school, so I also found myself writing, directing, producing, and working tech and stage crew for various student productions over the past decade. I enjoy good food (none of which I am able to create for myself), have a coffee addiction, and sadly cannot keep a plant alive to save my own life. I'm lucky that my cat complains loudly if I forget to feed her.