D.J. Manly

D.J. Manly is a veteran of the M/M genre and has written well over 200 books. D.J. is published in e-book, paperback, and audio formats. Be it horror, paranormal, science fiction, time travel, mystery, western, or contemporary, there are always guys falling all over each other in D.J.'s books, and falling in love. D.J. has never been about convention or following the pack. Writing M/M for electronic print when it wasn’t at all in vogue testifies to the fact that D.J. has always written from the heart. D.J. is a best-selling author who often tops the best sellers lists. D.J. was voted one of the best of ARE in 2009 and given honorable mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards competition. D.J. runs a business full time, is a researcher, consultant, and advocate, and still finds time to write, play with British shorthair kitten Bronte, and drink countless cups of coffee. D.J. has spent a lifetime in the field of education, teaching the very young to the very old, at all levels including college and university. Having acquired two graduate degrees, a college diploma and an undergraduate degree, D.J. spent many years in university. Since adolescence, D.J. has been a fierce advocate for equality on all levels and has done extensive research on sexuality and gender discrimination in society. Everyone is prejudiced in one way or another. Prejudice is born of ignorance and hatred, and these are the true evils in the world. Even though all viewpoints are bias, eventually people find the right path, the path paved with mutual respect and freedom. D.J’s first love has always been writing, penning short novellas at the age of eight. Trends come and go but D.J. will still be writing, until the end.