Diane Lennox

Diane Lennox has finally admitted defeat. After years of assuming that she’d grow out of loving romance stories, especially ones involving all men, she’s accepted that it’s frankly never going to happen. So she's hit the keyboard and joined the ranks, hoping to spend the rest of her days honing her craft and bringing enjoyment to others with her stories. Be warned—a monster has been unleashed. I'm a story addict. If I'm not reading I'm watching TV shows and if I'm not watching TV shows I'm watching movies. So it's really not surprising that I've finally learned that no other job will satisfy me besides one where I get to create, oh you guessed it, stories! On the off chance I'm not consuming stories like a gluttonous whore, I'm probably hanging out with my amazing boyfriend, playing video games or board games with my friends, or maybe even dancing, which I should do more of, because after sitting for so long either consuming or creating stories I get rather crunchy. Lovely, eh? My dream is to eventually be able to make a living just making up stories for my own and others' amusement. And since I only have one life to live, that seems like a pretty awesome goal to me!