David Connor

My 7th grade English teacher told me I should be a soap opera writer when I grow up. I have always made up stories. Even before I realized I was doing it, I was playing pretend, creating elaborate characters and situations I acted out with my sisters and friends. (We've all done that!) I would sit with catalogs in a quiet room and make up tales to go along with the pictures. I had my favorite pages in the JC Penney or Sears books for sure, the handsome gentlemen who would ask the pretty ladies on dates from a few pages back. My stories have changed a little since then. :) I would add more story to the picture books my mother read to me or I read to myself. I was always thrilled when a teacher would say "Write a story about...." I even dream fiction. I have vivid, adventurous dreams every night, some of which are worked into my works. My imagination never rests. I always loved soap operas. I watched "Another World" after school with my mom. She got home from work partway through, and I would fill her in on what she missed. I would write out my own stories, which she would read, as far back as my early teens. Soap opera writing has always been my dream job. I dipped my toe on those waters a little a bit, and then I found Dreamspinner Press. Romance novels are a lot like soaps. The connection of the couple is part one. Then, there is something that keeps them apart and something drawing them together. I am living my dream.

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