CR Guiliano

CR Guiliano, that's me. I'm a writer, a collector, a dreamer and a hermit, and a struggling amateur photographer. I am a old cat lady and have a tattoo obsession. I write what I love to read, and hope that my readers enjoy my stories as much as I do. I love my boys who love their boys. CR Guiliano is an avid reader which logically morphed into the love of writing. She writes in many genres, but is most happy writing the love between two men (or more!) She makes them work hard for their HEA and considers herself an expert in angst. CR finds her favorite form of writing is in serials, where she can continue to write about characters who have captured her heart and hopes have captured her readers as well. You will usually find CR cuddled up to her laptop creating stories to entertain, inspire and bring your emotions to the surface. CR has a huge warren of plot bunnies that is growing every day and can’t wait to fill out each story idea and share them all with her readers. CR was proudly nominated in the Goodreads Best Anthology Nominations and was thrilled to be included with the many talented writers from the same Anthology. CR is a committed advocate for the GLBTQ community and does her best to change society’s attitudes, one mind at a time. You can learn more about CR Guiliano and her stories at the following locations and feel free to drop her line as she loves to hear from anyone interested in her or her writings: Facebook Author Page: Facebook: Author blog: Works-in-progress blog: Website: Twitter: Email:

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