Cooper West

Cooper West is the nom de plume of a cisgendered, bisexual single older woman who wears a lot of black for both personal and fashionable reasons. She’s a GenX-er who quietly misses the grunge scene and 90s shoe styles, but whose favorite Pandora station plays Hozier, Fall Out Boy, Phoenix, and ZZ Ward – although she listens to a lot of Nightmares on Wax while writing. Emerging from a youth of tragedy, complacency, and mindless escapism, Cooper West writes stories that reflect her own personal growth.


While going back in middles age (and after long-winded divorce) to get a Master’s in Library and Information Studies, she jumped “out from fanfic” and wrote original stories about original characters, hoping that someone, somewhere would want to publish them. She was lucky to find a home for her books and now, several years (and a Master’s degree) later, Cooper West is still writing original stories.


Her life goal is to support herself via her writing. In the meantime, she works as an information technology professional in disability services at a large state university in the southern U.S.A. She loves Chris Evans from afar and plays a lot of neko atsume, while trying not to be the “librarian sterotype” (she fails). Her role models are Mae West and Auntie Mame.

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