Charlie Piersol

Never been one to live a typical life! Charlie Piersol began writing gay erotica after the Prop. 8 vote in California in 2008, which again denied same-sex couples the right to marry. For the first time in her life, she felt strongly enough about an issue to contribute to the cause of equality as a straight ally. Through this involvement, she acquired many new gay friends. A number of them have become her “technical” advisors for her work and have answered her personal and intimate questions without hesitation. Charlie has never been one to live a typical life, having raised her three successful adult children alone after her divorce at age twenty-eight. She is also now of an age to care less about any ostracism from others because of her work. She very much enjoys her current profession and understands its value to many. Although few other than her gay friends have read her manuscripts, past and current acquaintances have all been supportive including her children. Her life holds few surprises for most of them anymore anyway. Although never having graduated from college officially, she was hired by a major international advertising agency in the ’80s, where she worked as a writer and manager for five years, winning many awards. Before writing her first novel in 2010, she worked for four years as a ghostwriter for a Los Angeles psychologist, writing the social histories of death penalty defendants, as required by law in those cases. Charlie has an extensive background in psychology, a Certificate in addictions counseling, and has studied web design and computer repair. She lives in the ultra-conservative Central Valley of California where homosexuality is still widely considered perverse by most residents. Out in the world among them, she tries very hard to be nice….