Bethany Brown

I am thrilled to have found a home with Dreamspinner and plan to stick around until I run out of ideas. Or the Earth's sun implodes. Whichever comes first. Between hiding from the snow in the winter and the grass in the summer, Bethany Brown ends up spending a rather absurd amount of time with her trusty laptop Desmond. Yes, she has named her laptop. She's also named her car Blue, but that's neither here nor there. While she hopes to one day be able to support herself by writing full time, she keeps herself fed with various customer service jobs, the most recent of which is at a tuxedo rental shop. Thankfully, spending the day fitting men with tuxedos helps to fuel the writing side of her brain. Other writing help includes: chocolate, ice cream, and movies with cute boys. On bad days, she can usually be found sitting on her couch with a stuffed penguin watching Donald Strachey movies.