Avery Duran

Avery Duran’s first book was written with crayon at five years old, and ended with, “They lived happily ever after.” Although she no longer uses crayons (and her spelling has improved), her stories still have happy endings. She’s always been a voracious reader, and her mother often reminds her of the time Avery’s school called because she refused to stop reading during math class. Avery is pleased to confirm that she has managed just fine without whatever important math lesson was being taught that day.

Avery has an unfortunate habit of reading the last chapter first to avoid being blindsided by an unhappy ending. She loves the angst of Romeo and Juliet as much as the next person, but needs to be prepared for it. She learned that lesson the hard way while on vacation and reading what she mistakenly thought would be a feel-good love story. Needless to say, that book ended up being thrown off the balcony of a cruise ship.

A native New Yorker, she loves to incorporate her favorite city into what she writes. During the day Avery works and lives a hectic existence with her husband, three sons, and a very fat cat. When everyone goes to sleep and the house is quiet, she writes stories about hot guys finding their happily ever afters.


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