Anka Grace

Writer ♥ Geek ♥ Reader nka Grace has been making up stories for as long as she can remember. In high school, she began putting them down on paper, regaling her friends and family with them, and she’s never looked back. She knows she made the right decision by majoring in literature and creative writing in college, because reading and writing are her two true loves. Tea and coffee are a fair third and fourth. Anka’s personal mission is to create diverse casts of characters wherever possible. Growing up, she felt estranged from the characters in even her most favorite books, because so few were like her. She tries to do her part now so that her readers won’t feel the same way. In addition to diversity, Anka loves all things fantastical—dragons, fairies, jinn, kitsune—so expect to see those and other mythical creatures popping up in her works.

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