Alexa Silver

My name is Alexa, and I am a bookaholic! From the time my grandmother (A reading teacher) taught be to read, just before my fourth birthday, I have devoured the written word. It seems a natural fit for me to write as well :) Alexa Silver has been many things in her life. After her wild twenties, where, among other things, she was responsible for the care and feeding of rock stars, she’s now happily owned by cats. A passel of them. She can usually be found with one, two, or more draped over her keyboard, her lap, and even making themselves comfortable as neck pillows. And speaking of those rock stars, she stays active in the music industry, as a superfan, in marketing her faves, a sometimes semi-pro photographer, and hanging out backstage with some old and new musical friends. It is a hard life ;) In her off hours, she keeps getting distracted by rabid plot bunnies of every species, dabbles in twisting recipes on their heads, sometimes with edible results, and dreams about testing and reviewing current and future technological gadgets. You can usually find her singing along to her favorite songs while working on stories in every genre imaginable. And sometimes the cats, or her long-suffering husband, will even join in.