A. Morell

Reader and writer of gay romance, afficionado of sparkly things, proponent of equality, imperfect human.

Born: August 28

Indigenous to: Northern California

Family: Mother, brother, cat

Averse to: Things with more than four legs, wastefulness, tardiness, carelessness, housework

Agreeable to: Things that are eye-catching, invitations to dinner, drinks, dessert, vacation

It began with dreams of working the hot line and creating exquisite cuisine, until it was discovered we don't always really know what's best for us when we're sixteen. But, forged in the fires of fanfiction and raised on roleplay, writing silly stories became a way to explore things the proper authors didn't. A decade passed since that first Harry Potter parody songfic went up on FanFiction.Net, and so followed the intrepid plunge into professional writing. Being eternally fascinated by the human condition and seeking to explore and understand it every day will inevitably lead to one path--the desire to escape its horrors through schmoopy romance. All are cordially invited to come along for the journey.