I'll Be Home by William Cooper


Since getting together romantically with his best friend Blake on the Fourth of July, Cameron hasn't seen his new boyfriend in three months. Blake's attending college in Seattle, and dealing with a cross-country romance has its challenges—nightly phone calls aren't enough to ease Cam's fears that a sexy sorority girl will snare Blake's interest. With Christmas approaching, Blake is home for the holidays, but the only thing Cam really wants for Christmas—Blake's presence—is a gift he knows can't last. 

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I&#39ll Be Home by William Cooper eBook
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MY BODY moved and swayed in all directions as I danced around my living room to the music blasting from the radio. My parents were out with friends, so I was enjoying some much-needed alone time. It had been three months since I had last seen my boyfriend, Blake. With him going to school on the other side of the country in Seattle, my mind was going into overdrive thinking up worst-case scenarios.

Blake and I had managed to hook up after the Fourth of July last summer. He had been my best friend ever since we were children. Finally expressing my feelings for him, and having him express those same feelings to me, had been a dream come true. Now I couldn’t stop worrying that he’d find someone better while he was away at school.

I was dancing to some techno beat when the doorbell rang, piercing through the song. I stopped dancing and groaned. It better not be some goddamned salesman. I considered just ignoring the bell and hoping they’d go away, but Mom had raised me too well for that. After I turned down the volume to a more respectable level, I went over to see who’d rung the bell.

When I opened the front door, my jaw dropped and my heart rate picked up. It sure as hell wasn’t a salesman. 

“Hey, Cam,” the tall man standing at the door said.

It took a minute before the shock wore off and my brain was able to function again. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his waist, causing him to stumble backward. “Oh my God, Blake! What are you doing here?”

Blake laughed and hugged me back. “I came to see my boyfriend.” He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. “I haven’t seen him in a couple months.”

Once the immediate rush of adrenaline from seeing Blake wore off, I was able to look him over closely. He had changed a lot since the last time I had seen him. His hair had grown longer; it was no longer cropped in a buzz cut, but now hung down to his ears. And his eyes were still gorgeous—deep chocolate brown and full of mirth. He grinned, showing off a smile that never failed to melt my heart. 

I laughed and pulled Blake inside, kicking the door shut behind us. “You didn’t tell me you were coming home for winter break! I assumed you were going to stay out in Seattle again.” I couldn’t stop grinning as I looked at Blake. Seeing him suddenly made me forget my annoyance at being bothered on my day alone.

“I missed you.” Blake chewed on his bottom lip. “You’re not mad at me for not telling you in advance, are you?” 

Seeing Blake show nervousness made him look even sexier. He normally had confidence oozing from his pores. The rare times when he was vulnerable were priceless. “No, I’m not mad. I’m thrilled!” I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

“Good! Let’s dance, then.” The usual confidence that normally surrounded Blake had returned.

I laughed as he pulled me over to the stereo and started fiddling with the dial. He flipped through stations until he found the one he was looking for—one of the stations that always played slow songs. He turned the volume up and pulled me close to him, and then the two of us swayed together around the living room.

“I’ve missed you.” I laid my head on his chest. “Even though you’ve called me every night, it’s just not the same as being in your arms like this.”

“Yeah, I know.” Blake ran his hand up and down my back. “I missed you more than you can imagine.”

Being in Blake’s arms brought back the feeling I had been having for the past months. How could someone this amazing want to stay with me? He had told me himself that he wasn’t gay, so how long would it be before he found a girl in Seattle that he liked? I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind and snuggled closer against Blake’s chest. I wasn’t going to let anything ruin this. 

Blake and I danced around my living room to different songs for almost an hour before we collapsed onto the couch, where Blake wrapped his arms around me again. Spending time alone with Blake, knowing that I was the center of his attention, more than made up for not having him around all the time.

It was things like this I missed while Blake was in Seattle at college. Not that I didn’t miss the sex. On the contrary, I often fantasized about the sex. Quite a few nights ended with my stroking my lubed-up cock as I fantasized about Blake’s hands running up and down my body, or his mouth engulfing my manhood. But what I really desired was just being with him, just sitting there talking and laughing and being best friends. Blake had been my best friend long before he was my boyfriend, and I hoped that would never change.

Blake and I had always been able to tell each other everything. We both knew secrets about each other that no one else knew. As I thought back to all of the good time Blake and I had together over the years, I realized that I had been silly to worry about Blake leaving me.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t banish that lingering thought.

“How long are you staying?” I asked.

“Probably until a day or two after New Year’s.” He leaned over and kissed me again. “And I’m going to make sure we get to spend plenty of time together.”

Running my hand up Blake’s leg, I felt him shiver under my touch. “Then how about we go up to my room and spend some alone time together?” I looked over at him and waggled my eyebrows. 

Blake chuckled and flashed me a sexy grin. “Now that sounds like a good idea.” 


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